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Is working with me a good option for you? Read the following article to find out if you are suitable for this type of treatment plan.

On Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathic consultation is a talk between a client and a homeopath. In case of chronic problems it takes approximatelly 1.5 hours. I usually ask for specific physical and mental symptoms. You should know that the consultation can be a very personal one and if you are willing to undergo a homeopathic treatment you should be open to talk at least about the current issue.  There are several methods I can as a homeopath apply to find the right remedy so don't be too worried about the way you will talk.  If you are open enough, the words / expression will come. Based on your answers and my observation I will recommend you a remedy that fits the symptoms. A remedy can be effective only if it matches your specific symptoms. Therefore in homeopathy, even the clients with the same diagnosis get a different remedy. Selection of the right remedy is the biggest challenge for a homeopath and is not always completed on the first consultation.

homeopaticke poradenstvo dagmar ferencziova


Please, be ready to take an active part in your treatment. Your activity is chiefly in the intention to heal and to open up. One has to bear in mind that we are all responsible for our own health and there is no such homeopath, doctor etc.  that could guarantee you a healing. On the other hand, homeopathy can be a really a great help in the healing process. If you want to heal from within and not only supress the symptoms, homeopathy is a suitable and beneficial option for you.


My method is based not solely on the quest for the correct remedy but also on regular phone calls (once a 10 days approximately) that enable us evaluate the progress of the treatment. If possible I also reassess the dosage and plan further steps of your treatment,  In case it is needed we arrange a follow up call.

homeopaticka konzultacia dagmar ferencziova
homeopaticke poradenstvo dagmar ferencziova


The selection of potency and the dosage are also approached individually. With chronic health issues I usually advise one dose of a remedy and then we wait for a couple of weeks for the body and the mind to do all the changes they can on the impulse of the remedy. The first follow up in person is usually after 6-8 weeks. Between the first consultation and the follow up we phone (at my cost) several times to see the progress. I assess if another dose of the remedy and when is needed. We arrange the follow up. In some cases a daily or weekly dose of a remedy is a more appropriate choice.


If there is no reaction after the remedy I reassess the remedy choice and usually advice a higher potency or another remedy. If a remedy is close enough to the one you need you will experience a gradual shift in your energy and emotional and physical wellbeeing. The speed of the process is very individual and depends also on the length and the complexity of the issue you are dealing with.  Less receptive clients are often unaware of the healing process until we look back and they report their body/mind aches and pains have lowered or gone.  Sensitive clients can be highly aware of the changes happening in the healing process as well as aware of the reverse symptoms or detoxification. In some cases we need other remedies to complete the healing process. We see this need especially when part odf the patology is removed and part of it persists. Our body shows us what to focus on. To see this and be able to navigate you further, it is important for me as a therapeut to get your feedback.

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homeopatické poradenstvo dagmar ferencziova


If you cannot come to the appointment, please let me know at least a day beforehand on my phone 0918 469 200 or email homeopatia@ferencziova.sk. In case you agree,  we can reschedule your appointment.

Who am I?

Certified homeopath based in Nitra. Apart from homeopathic consultations I offer homeopathic courses for the general public (usually mums, grandmums, people interested in self development etc.) as well as for more advanced  homeopathy users. I have a wide spectrum of activities that advocate homeopathy and alternative medicine and publishing activities.
I am registered with the professional body - Slovak Chamber of Homeopaths.

Dagmar Ferencziová

dagmar ferencziova

From my Practice (in Slovak)

You are a great homeopath. You go deep. I think you made my life more complete and I am a better person now. I recommend this to everyone for homeopathy does not approach only the current problem but also changes many other aspects of our life such as behaviour and our percepton.

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I got interested in homeopathy after a deep personal transformation after a homeopathic remedy chosen to match my constitution. I studied for four years at the Slovak Academy of Classical Homepathy. Every year I attend international seminars and continue my professional development.  


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